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rhv-Technik is Innovation

rhv-Technik has focused intensively on surface technology for more than thirty years and leads the field in the south of Germany. Reputable enterprises at home and abroad are among its numerous customers. The company has extended its competence beyond general engineering and has the capacity to provide you a complete manufacturing program. The range of products offered by rhv is constantly being enhanced by new and further developments which derive from its own research projects or stem directly from close cooperation with customers.

rhv-Technik is a manufacturer of semi-finished goods through to completely new products.

rhv-Technik is a specialist for
  • thermal spray surface protection in the areas of wear-friction oxidation – erosion – cavitation – corrosion – scaling and thermo-shock to improve: sliding properties and resistance to galling –
  • surface hardness/ductility – coefficient of friction – surface structure, wettability, reflection/ absorption for both repairs and preventive maintenance.
rhv-Technik guarantees you certified quality:
  • premium spray materials from notable manufacturers for high added value
  • careful and thorough work on your premises and building sites, carried out with the latest application engineering
  • precise, reliable information and advice in collaboration with your specialists
  • individual training programs.

For further information feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone. You can although download our english brochures about  "Themal Spraying", "Cost and time savings with thermal spraying in mechanical engineering", "Innovative sealing technology with thermal spraying" or "Areas of application for thermally sprayed surfaces exposed to corrosion and abrasion in the chemical industry".


Thermal Spraying Reparaturen und Instandhaltung Sealing Industry Chemical Industry
Thermal Spraying Cost and time savings with thermal spraying
in mechanical engineering
Innovative sealingtechnology with thermal spraying Areas of application for thermally sprayed surfaces exposed to corrosion and abrasion in ...

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speziell in den Bereichen Rundschleifen (außen und innen) und Flachschleifen

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ECOfit-Projekt 2013
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